Valerie engler, President

With a degree in journalism and background in writing and editing, Valerie knows how to gather content, write well, and share an engaging story. After 10 years as a writer and editor for community magazines and local online news (plus a stint in communications somewhere in-between), Valerie left publishing in 2011 to follow an entrepreneurial whim. Now at the helm of a growing marketing business, she finds satisfaction in helping clients bring their stories to life, execute strategic campaigns, and drive results.


Emily Bretzel, designer

When it comes to making your content look pretty, Emily is our go-to. With a degree in graphic design and 10+ years in the magazine industry, Emily knows how to put words on a page in a way that makes sense.

From postcards to landing pages to e-books, your content will take on a look that matches your business vibe thanks to Emily's innate ability to share a story through imagery and color.  


Jake Ladd, videographer

Jake found his happy place behind the video camera in a simple way: recording skateboarding tricks with friends. When his buddies acknowledged his talent for film, he launched into a successful career in video and hasn't looked back.

Founder of his own successful videography business, Jake partners with Grapevyne to bring stories to life. From brand stories to quick clips to explainers, Jake will work with your team to brainstorm, shoot, and produce the your missing link — whatever it is!


Rachel Nadeau, Photographer

Rachel is a talented, Twin Cities photographer who knows how to capture it all. She got her photography start in weddings, and soon found her feet in publishing and the corporate photo world.

Rachel is at the helm of Nadeau Creative and partners with Grapevyne to do all the things: headshots, event photography, lifestyle photoshoots, product shots and more.