Content Marketing: What's the point?


A middle aged woman, sitting in her pajamas, in her basement, punching keys and squinting into the light of her computer screen. This image of a "blogger" is no longer. Today, we live in a world where the content you write defines your business, shows your market dominance, asserts you as a thought leader, and ultimately brings in future customers. 

Below, find 3 reasons why every business owner should make content their new best friend:

1) You can gain trust and credibility in your industry.

You don’t need to tell people how amazing your product is in order for them to buy it. In fact, quite the opposite. Do you want to sell miracle skin cream to the next woman who walks through the door at your retail store? Your product shouldn't be in your blog post. Instead, develop an interested audience by writing about the impacts of skin damage,  ways to improve your skin health (without listing your product), or ways to find the perfect foundation. This kind of writing will help you gain the right readership without being too pushy -- a turnoff for most buyers.

2) You can qualify contacts in your data base.

You may have contacts in your data base, but how do you know who actually wants to buy your product or service? Who is truly interested? You need to qualify your contacts and understand who you’re marketing to. When you create gated content offers like e-books or guides about your expertise, you can measure contact involvement by tracking downloads. Did one of your contacts download 3 content offers? That contact is now more qualified and could be ready for a deeper discussion about your product.

3) You can become the expert in your field.

By promoting relevant blog posts and content offers via social media and targeted email campaigns, you're showing the community that you're the go-to source for information in your field. The next time they have a question about something in your industry, all of the sudden your name, brand or product will be the first place they turn.