CASE STUDY: Why sub-branding can bring a big impact


 For most companies, brand is present in everything they do. From their website to their promotional materials down to their e-mail signatures, colors, tone and graphics share commonality. But what about a special recognition trip? A retirement party for a long-time team member? Even an annual business meeting? More and more, businesses are putting hyper-focus on internal events, and rightfully so. When you add extra effort to a special gathering or event, you’re showing your team you care, and further perpetuating your culture and camaraderie.

But what goes into sub-branding, and how does it play out? Take our Border Foods Best of the Best recognition trip as an example.

 Every year, Border Foods (the third largest Taco Bell franchisee in the nation), takes top-performing team members on an all-expense paid trip to Mexico. This year, Grapevyne treated the trip like a small campaign and outlined the materials we’d need to create in order to make trip attendees feel extra special:

  • Designed email communications with trip details

  • Program complete with itinerary

  • T-shirts

  • Wristbands to help team members identify each other at the resort

  • Beach towels to commemorate the trip

  • Luggage tags

  • Two videos: one to serve as an introduction to a business meeting during the trip, and one to recap the excitement

  • Blog posts announcing and congratulating trip winners

With so many content pieces needed, we knew one thing right away: this trip needed its own Best of the Best logo, mood board and accompanying design elements. Our one goal: to make everything feel unique to this event, yet still echo themes from Border’s company brand.

 Take a look at the elements we produced, and consider sub-branding for your next big event.


Inspired by traditional Mexican folk art, this mood board incorporates the Border Foods brand with secondary elements that are unique to the trip. Bold patterns and painterly textures, combined with a spectrum of bright colors give this sub-brand a festive, Mexican-inspired vibe.



Video produced in partnership with Ladd Films.