3 Social Media Myths, Debunked


Business owners want to be social, and want to reach consumers, but they want instant results. And instant conversions. Gaining social momentum takes time and strategy. That said, creating a social media footprint doesn't have to be a necessary evil. Below, find 3 social media myths, debunked:

Social media takes too much time.

"I want to be present on social media, but I don't have the time."

It's a common misunderstanding. To be alive and well on social media channels, it's true that you need to establish accounts, but you don't need to waste hours every day composing Insta and Facebook posts. With the right scheduling tools, you can stay on top of social media and schedule posts in advance. If you have a meeting every Monday morning, but want to promote content via social media by 10 a.m., schedule a post post beforehand. Your content calendar should be your bible when it comes to knowing what to post.

Social moves too fast, it's impossible to keep up.

The life of a tweet is short and sweet: about 30 minutes. What does that mean? That when you post a tweet, it will get most of its engagement (if any), in the first 30 minutes. Bottom line? Twitter, for example, does move fast.  But Twitter also has ways for users to stay on top of content that matters to them. By using Twitter's list feature, you can pile all of your favorite handles into one place, and monitor them as often as you want. Want to stay on top of healthcare trends without paging through miles of tweets to find the quick information you're looking for? Put your healthcare news and company handles into a list and scan the list from time to time. 

I don't need social media, my audience isn't there.

It's true that specific social mediums work better for various business. But just because you're in the B2B space doesn't mean that you should ignore social media entirely. We live in a world where consumers turn to social media to learn more. We know that customer loyalty drives revenue, and social media is a big force behind brand image. In addition to using social to get your word out, your customers are using social to talk about you. Find the social channel that works best for your business and become part of the conversation.