Backup Blog Ideas that Always Work

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Social media doesn't sleep. Google never stops crawling. The pressure to continue to create content is always there, but it doesn't have to feel like a burden. In addition to using a content calendar to plan out your year, use these three backup blog ideas when you're stuck:


Every company is filled with subject matter experts. These are the people who sell your product, breathe your brand, live in the industry. They have a specific expertise, and know a lot about the thing they're hired to do. Subject matter experts are also your blog's best friend. Send an email to an SME with 5-8 questions, ask them to respond in writing or via phone, and viola, you just created a high-touch, informational post that shows your company is full of knowledgeable staff. Beware: Sometimes subject matter experts are scared by The Blog. "I'm not a writer." "That will take too much time." Reassure your source that they don't have to do the work -- just provide the information. 

Webinar recap

Does your company host webinars? These online events are filled with blog posts waiting to be written. If you have a recorded webinar in the archives, dig it up, listen, and transcribe portions of it for a blog post. Usually, it's the subject matter experts who lead the webinars. Writing a blog post based on an online event is another way to leverage company knowledge without asking for someone's time. 

Search on social

If you're low on content ideas, turn to social media, dig through Twitter lists, search industry news feeds, and find out what people are talking about. If there's a topic in your industry that's hot, but doesn't relate directly to the product you sell or service you offer, that's ok. Blog posts don't have be directly tied to your business goal. In fact, the best blogs are those that are more educational and less promotional in nature. Show your readers that your blog is a resource, not just another way to sell yourself. If you notice a trending topic and can aggregate information for a post of your own, you'll also capture search traffic -- another benefit of keeping posts timely.